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Title   Author   Comments   ‘Collins Gem’  Mushrooms   Patrick Harding   Small (and cheap) but this still has 240  species of common fungi and is aimed more at  the beginner.   Collins Complete British  Mushrooms and  Toadstools   Paul Sterry and Barry  Hughes   This pho tographic field guide gets very good  reviews and is a good first field guide.   Collins Fungi Guide   Stefan Buczaki et al   Over 2,400 species so it covers everything you  are liable to find, albeit each species is  necessarily covered briefly.  If you only have   one field guide then this is a good choice.   Grassland Fungi  –   a field  guide   Elsa Wood and Jon  Dunkelman   Produced by two GFG members and featuring  170 species surveyed in the Lower Wye Valley.   The only field guide dedicated to fungi found in  grassland.   With 800 photographs.  Includes  most species that you are likely to find in  grassland in Monmouthshire.   Fascinated by Fungi   Pat O’Reilly   A general introduction written in an informal  style as well as being a field guide to many of  the species you are like ly to find.  This is a good  choice if you want a wider view of fungi than  given by the pure field guides, has good species  descriptions and is relatively recent (2011).    Mushrooms and other  fungi of GB and Europe   Roger Phillips   A large photographic guide  so more for home  use.  A standard for many years.  I don’t have a  recent edition but an edition was produced in  2006.   The Encyclopedia of  Fungi of Britain and  Europe   Michael Jordan   Photographic guide with more than 1,000  species covered.  Clear descriptio ns and useful  photos but too large to carry easily as a field  guide and last revised in 2004 so some names  are out of date.   Fungi   Brian Spooner and  Peter Roberts   A comprehensive overview of the Fungi  Kingdom from evolution to food technology.   Very intere sting background information.   The genus Hygrocybe   David Boertmann   The  bible for waxcap enthusiasts  –   but  expensive    Field Guide to the  Mushrooms of Britain  and Europe   Alison Linton   Contains some nice photos but the coverage is  limited to around 100 spec ies and the  organisation of the book is unhelpful as regards  identification   The Mushrooms and  Toadstools of Britain  and NW Europe   Marcel Bon   1500 species included, and each entry  therefore has limited space.  A standard guide  but dates from 1987 so many n ames have  changed.   Identification of the  Larger Fungi   Roy Watling   A monochrome text book for the more  advanced student published in 1973 that is a  standard but has inevitably aged.  Only  available second - hand.
Porpolomopsis calyptriformis - Pink Waxcap Agaricus urinascens - Macro Mushroom Conocybe rickenii
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